Doreath Lomax – 5 ★

I enjoyed the Grill cheese sandwich and the rib tips are falling off the bone. I highly recommend this place. (via Facebook)

Patrick Taylor – 5 ★

I was craving BBQ and found this place. Excellent pulled pork sandwich. Will definitely be going back again! (via Facebook)

Cole Turney – 5 ★

Amazing food, friendly people, and affordable prices. Homemade sauces were amazing, and the pulled pork sandwich is pretty great. Definitely going to be eating here again. (via Facebook)

Dana Pierce – 5 ★

Never heard of this, stopped and tried the grilled cheese pulled pork. Amazing! The owners are super friendly! So glad we found this place! (via Facebook)

James McIver – 5 ★

Awesome food and great people. We like stopping here for lunch even more now that they have a place to go in and sit down. The lemonade is the best I’ve ever had! (via Facebook)

Joe Grilliot – 5 ★

Today I stopped in to try their BBQ. I first found their add in the Great Deals of Delaware County. The pulled pork was tender and we’ll cooked. The selection of sauces were wide range and flavorful. Great customer service with plentiful portions. I will be back. (via Facebook)

Jackie Jones Thomason – 5 ★

This was my first visit, will not be my last… Brisket is finger licking good! Cowboy beans are the best! (via Facebook)

John Pierce – 5 ★

Had some great brisket and baked potato salad today, both exceptionally good. (via Facebook)

Eric Cunningham – 5 ★

Hands down the best BBQ I have had since I lived in GA! Their pulled pork and brisket is no joke!!!! Then there are them Cowboy Beans, WOW!!!!!! And their service is top notch as well, very friendly and courteous staff!! Well worth your time to stop by and give them a try! (via Facebook)

Mary Faulkner – 5 ★

Best bbq around! Large meat portions and tasty side dishes such as baked potato salad and cowboy beans. The cowboy beans are the best beans I have ever tasted! (via Facebook)

Jordan Rhodes – 5 ★

Pulled pork and chicken salad were phenomenal! We will be back! (via Facebook)

Janet Rogers – 5 ★

Mandy and Travis gave great service on a stormy day. They are smiling and friendly. The only thing better than the service was the food. The meat was tender and moist. The sauces are unique but all good. I especially am fond of the Texas sauce. The side dishes may be even better than the meats! My 12 year old loves the beans. I do not usually like potato salad but had seconds on this one. Looking forward to my next visit already. (via Facebook)

Dylan Martin – 5 ★

I just stopped by and got the pulled pork grilled cheese. It was very good. The pork butt was cooked perfectly and not dry. There also wasnt an overwhelming smoke flavor that you get when some barbecue joints use too much hickory. I assume this was apple smoked. The grilled cheese aspect was a great combination. There is also a good selection of barbecue sauces. The Carolina style vinegar based sauce was awesome. I will be back. (via Facebook)

Ari Hurwitz – 5 ★

I am so happy these folks are serving food in Muncie. They were very kind in service and the brisket I tried was phenomenal. They also have five kinds of homemade barbecue sauce that definitely have bold flavors. I like that they post their daily menu on Facebook each morning and that they do have variety. Wonderful addition to the Muncie food scene! Some days, I look at their menu and it is hard to not go there for lunch!!! (via Facebook)

Andy Smith – 5 ★

Best bbq in the area. I try to go here once a week. Food is awesome. Owners are great! (via Google Reviews)

Cody Wallace – 5 ★

I have ate here at least 3 times now. 5 star food with 5 star service. Pulled pork tacos and sandwich are great. Cowboy baked beans are very yummy as well. (via Facebook)

Joe Tacosik – 5 ★

Their smoked meats are incredible, my wife especially loves the Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese. And if you’re a fan of sides, you’ve GOT to try the homemade potato salad. By far the best I’ve ever had. Gotta love good BBQ! (via Google Reviews)

Stormie Dawn Kirby – 5 ★

Soooo good! Had it for the first time this week & cant wait to return. Thank you! (via Facebook)

Susan Howell – 5 ★

The food and service are amazing. We used them to cater an event for 14 people. First, the food: everything was amazing. The meats were moist and tender and very flavorful. I was a little concerned about them being dry by the time we served. Not a problem at all! So good. And the sides were great. Sometimes with BBQ, the sides are an afterthought. Not here! We had the cowboy baked beans, the mac and cheese, and cole slaw. Every dish was so tasty. Additionally, we ordered homemade apple pies. Yum! All of my guests raved about the food. Now, for the service. Excellent! From the first phone call to the delivery and set up, Mandy made the process easy. She delivered the food on time and set it up. When it was time for my guests to eat, everything was warm and tasty, just as I had hoped. Actually, it was all better than I had hoped! Thank you MT’s Smokin BBQ. I highly recommend them for your event, or hit up their food truck when you see them out and about. (via Facebook)

Hank Haggard – 5 ★

Excellent! Live out of town, but visit Muncie frequently. Stopped on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. Brisket was exceptional. D-licious! (via Facebook)

Claudia Helbig – 5 ★

Is it possible to leave more than a 5!?!?!?! This place is amazing. The grilled cheese pulled pork… omg. The cheese isn’t just average sliced cheese, its this sort of delicious spread stuff that they make. The pork is cooked to perfection. The only compliant? There is soooooo much pork on this beauty that I had to open it and eat a bunch of the pork to be able to get the sandwich into my mouth. Then I was full halfway through. So much food. They sometimes also have turkey legs. Which are also soooo much food and amazing. Give this place a try. Great people, amazing food. (via Google Reviews)

Tia Cannon – 5 ★

Best BBQ I’ve ever had! Big portions and the sides are amazing! (via Facebook)

Paul Ward – 5 ★

The people here are great! They are very friendly! All the sauces are homemade. Each is good in its own way. It seems a little pricey but it’s well worth it. (via Google Reviews)

Carl Stout – 5 ★

So good it should be illegal. If you have not tried it you are missing out on some of the best BBQ Indiana has to offer. (via Facebook)

Macy Tacosik – 5 ★

We LOVE the BBQ here! If you’re in the area you have to swing by and grab a pulled pork grilled cheese. And definitely get the Texas BBQ sauce! So good!!! (via Google Reviews)

Alex Stoltie – 5 ★

Do not miss out on the pork belly sandwich! This place is too good to pass up! Looking forward to the brisket! (via Facebook)

Georgiana Maria – 5 ★

Yes finally a great BBQ place in Muncie! The brisket and pulled pork are absolutely phenomenal ! The sauces are creative and match the delicious meats perfectly. The beans and warm potato salad are great and even their coleslaw is memorable. Would highly highly recommend it and cannot wait to
have it again. (via Facebook)

Steven A. Taylor – 5 ★

First time going to MT’s, and I’ll definitely be returning…my friend and I were treated extremely well, and the food was amazing, large portions and an amazing taste. (via Facebook)

Anna Leigh Miller – 5 ★

I have been waiting to try this place for months!! Finally, the last day of the fair we got to try it. Was not disappointed. I got a brisket slider (delicious) and my husband and kids got pulled pork sliders (delicious). A generous amount of meat was put in each sandwich so we were all full at the end. (Of course we stuffed ourselves with more fair food anyway.) (via Facebook)

James Brooks – 5 ★

This is the best BBQ I have ever had and I love the baked potato salad and the cowboy beans. (via Facebook)

Shonda McKissack Kane – 5 ★

I have had MTs twice now. Great taste and large portion of meat. (via Facebook)